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stauff clamps

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All Stauff order totals must meet a $25.00 minimum.


 Stauff standard series clamps used for standard hydraulics, general pipe construction, electrical cables, and general duty piping applications subject to moderate levels of shock and vibration.


Recommended for systems with less than 1500 PSI without dynamic loads 

  • Cushions are Polypropylene (Green)
  • Phosphated Weld Plate
  • All other parts are ZInc Plated
  • Aluminum cushions and are used in higher heat applications up to 500F


Size Part Number   Size Part Number
1/4" Tube SP1064APPDPASUW10   1-1/2" Tube SP538PPDPASUW10
3/8" Tube SP1095APPDPASUW10   1-1/4" Pipe SP542PPDPASUW10
1/8" Pipe SP110APPDPASUW10   1-3/4" Tube SP6445PPDPASUW10
1/2" Tube SP2127PPDPASUW10   1-1/2" Pipe SP6483PPDPASUW10
1/4" Pipe SP2135PPDPASUW10   2" Tube SP6508PPDPASUW10
5/8" Tube SP216PPDPASUW10   2-1/4" Tube SP7572PPDPASUW10
3/8" Pipe SP2172PPDPASUW10   2" Pipe SP7603PPDPASUW10
3/4" Tube SP319PPDPASUW10   2-1/2" Tube SP7635PPDPASUW10
1/2" Pipe SP3213PPDPASUW10   2-3/4" Tube SP770PPDPASUW10
7/8" Tube SP322PPDPASUW10   2-1/2" Pipe SP7761PPDPASUW10
1" Tube SP3254PPDPASUW10   3" Tube SP7761PPDPASUW10
3/4" Pipe SP4269PPDPASUW10   3" Pipe SP8889PPDPASUW10
1-1/4" Tube SP532PPDPASUW10   4" Tube SP8102LPPDPASUW10
1" Pipe SP5337PPDPASUW10      



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